#6 Energy Star Audit for new construction only.   An Energy Star® home is a newly constructed home which is audited prior to and during the construction process. Specific building standards related to insulation, windows, doors, appliances, and water usage are required.

#5  A HERS Rating of a home offers a numerical rating of an existing or newly constructed home comparing its energy rating to other homes, highly efficient and standard built.

#1  A General Assessmentis offered for existing homes where the homeowner desires general information about the energy efficiency of his/her home. The auditor may review general energy usage by comparing utility bills over a 12 month period. The home is evaluated by visually examining insulation levels, window efficiency and reviewing heating and air conditioning equipment along with other appliances. A report is given to the homeowner recommending changes and upgrades which are the most likely to achieve an improvement of comfort, health, safety and energy efficiency for the home.


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#4  A complete Energy Audit includes #1—#3 with a written report provided to the homeowner with recommendations regarding changes or upgrades to achieve an improvement of comfort and energy efficiency for the home.

#3   A Whole House Tightness Test includes use of a blower door to assess the tightness of the whole house. This test depressurizes the house to ascertain where heat loss or heat gain is occurring. An infrared camera may be used to pinpoint areas of significant heat loss or heat gain. A written report is provided comparing the home to the current building code requirements for new homes.

#2  A Heating and Air Conditioning Tightness Testreviews the current system and a duct test is conducted to assess the system's efficiency for sending the airflow to the appropriate rooms without loss to the outside of the system. A written report is provided comparing the home to the current building code requirements for new homes and making recommendations for upgrades or improvements.

NC Home Audit offers a package of services to homeowners and residential building contractors. The general benefits of an audit are helping consumers increase the comfort, health, safety and durability of their homes. Doing this helps protect the environment by reducing waste and pollution. The auditor offers several categories of services: visual inspection, diagnostic testing, and numerical analysis depending on the needs and desires of the homeowner or building contractor.

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