If you are contemplating the purchase of an existing home,  an audit to predict energy costs of the house and/or the need for some energy efficiency upgrades prior to making the purchase offer could prove beneficial.   A full house audit, including a blower door test, assures the home's energy use is reasonable, or the audit can make recommendations for upgrades to improve the home's comfort and energy efficiency. In either case, the energy audit will help make the wisest investment of hard-earned dollars.

In your current home, you might notice that the home is not comfortable and desire a safety check of its current systems. The audit reviews the home's energy usage and checks the systems for safety.

Just as a newly constructed home can benefit from an energy audit, an existing home can also benefit.  Having a home audit prior to your purchase may be helpful to assure a wise investment, or reviewing you current home will assist you in achieving the most comfortable, safe and energy efficient home.

When you are contemplating the repair, replacement or upgrade of the home's heating and air conditioning system (HVAC), a home audit can be helpful in determining the best size and the need for repairs to the duct system prior to the  purchase/installation.   An HVAC duct test can assure you that the system is sending its conditioned air to the space desired. 

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